Enjoying alcohol responsibly means finding a balance, being aware of how alcohol affects you, and knowing your limits.
Our Mindful Moderation program provides tips on how to make the responsible choice when drinking.


Canada’s Guidance on Alcohol and Health provides Canadians with information to help them make informed decisions about their alcohol consumption. Read Canada’s Guidance on Alcohol and Health.

If you are concerned about your drinking, or to help someone you know, please see the following resources:

Bridge the Gapp – Provides, information, tools, and resources for help regarding mental health and substance use or addiction https://nl.bridgethegapp.ca/adult/service-directory/service_directory_tag/substance-use-addiction/

Call 811 if you are experiencing a mental health and addictions crisis, need support, or are looking for information. Confidential, free, and staffed by experienced Registered Nurses. Available to all residents of Newfoundland and Labrador any time, day or night.