NLC continues to build on its environmental responsibility through the elimination of plastic bags in all NLC stores. Customers are encouraged to use reusable bags and can purchase NLC’s four-bottle reusable bag at a cost of 99 cents each.

We have also implemented numerous energy reduction strategies, which include designing Corporate Liquor Stores to include LED lamps, using the latest technology in building automation systems and waste audits to reduce refuse sent to landfills.

With your help, we can reduce the impact on our environment. NLC's environment awareness program encourages customers to make environment-conscious decisions when shopping. Let’s keep doing our part together.

The following options available at NLC Liquor Stores can help you make environmentally conscious decisions:

Choose to carry out your purchases without a bag or using our reusable bags

Choose from a wide selection of organic and biodynamic products

Choose products available in alternative packaging (such as PET or Tetra Pak)