Social Responsibility

We take our mandate seriously and are committed to ensuring the safe and responsible sale, distribution, and regulation of beverage alcohol and cannabis. As a responsible retailer, it’s important that we provide our customers with proper information, tools, and programs to help them make positive beverage alcohol and cannabis consumption choices. In the same manner, we are dedicated to improving staff education and training to ensure public safety, as well as supporting community partners working to prevent underage drinking and cannabis use, and impaired driving.

Responsible Retailing

Check 25

All of our Corporate Liquor Store and Liquor Express Store staff are trained to provide service to those who can legally consume alcohol. Customers are asked to show government issued identification if they appear to be under the age of 25 years. Our staff will refuse service to those who appear intoxicated or who are suspected of purchasing for those who are intoxicated or underage. We take these measures to ensure that beverage alcohol is sold only to those who consume it legally and responsibly.

Drinking Responsibly

Many people associate messages such as Don't Drink and Drive and activities like refusing a sale to minors as the only focus in the campaign for responsible drinking. NLC's commitment to responsible drinking goes much further than this. We regulate minimum pricing for beverage alcohol sold in licensed establishments, carry low alcohol beer and wine choices in NLC Liquor Stores and incorporate responsible consumption messaging into all of our Corporate activities.

In promoting responsible drinking, NLC has also looked at the pairing of food and drink choices. If a person is offered food choices along with alcoholic beverages, it can slow down or reduce their consumption of the drink. Moderation is key. Click Here for more tips on Responsible Hosting.

Many of our provincial advertising activities are also designed to promote responsible drinking. The messages in these advertisements are often specific to events and activities associated with the time of the year such as Don't Drink and Snowmobile in the winter and Don't Drink and Boat in the summer.

Responsible Partnerships

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

NLC is a long-time supporter of MADD Canada’s mission and programs. As a Provincial partner of MADD’s School Program, NLC makes it possible for MADD Canada to deliver presentations to schools throughout the province annually. This program brings high-energy drug and alcohol impaired driving awareness and risk reduction messaging to the world of education.

Serve Responsible NL

NLC is a proud partner of Hospitality NL’s Serve Responsible NL program. This program offers learners a complete package of information from the responsible service of alcohol to the safety of guests in liquor establishments. To learn more please visit Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador's website at


As part of our commitment to public safety and the responsible use of alcohol, NLC actively educates employees and the public about the risks of alcohol use during pregnancy and supports the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Newfoundland and Labrador Network (fasdNL) in its efforts to raise awareness of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.