Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation (NLC) Issues Public Safety Advisory over Contraband Cannabis

St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, April 20th, 2021

In the interest of public safety, NLC is issuing a warning regarding the circulation and sale of contraband cannabis products closely resembling well-known brands of snack foods and candy. On April 15, 2021, members of NLC’s Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement department received custody of the following contraband cannabis products:

  • 50 packages of “Cheetos Puffs”
  • 175 packages of “Medicated Nerds Rope” (Cherry, Grape, Strawberry and Super Potent Formula)
  • 25 “Warheads” candy
  • 25 “Gasheads” candy
  • 50 “Sour Gushers” candy
  • 25 “Airheads Extremes” candy
  • 75 packages of “Starburst” candy
  • 75 packages of “Skittles” candy
  • 200 Chocolate Cream “Stoneo” Cookies
  • Approx. 680 grams of dried cannabis
Given the similarity in appearance to well-known brands, these products could certainly appeal to youth and represent a public safety concern.

Cannabis products sold through Licensed Cannabis Retailers and via follow Health Canada guidelines, taking care that products are contained in secure packaging that may not be confused with traditional snack foods. Health Canada has enacted strict protocols regarding packaging so as to not appeal to youth.

NLC reminds the public that cannabis products may only be purchased legally from Licensed Cannabis Retailers and online at NLC will continue to work with its partners in law enforcement to disrupt the illicit market.

Bruce Keating, NLC President & CEO NLC - “this seizure perfectly illustrates why NLC has prioritized the tackling of the illicit cannabis market. These products can be used to target children, and demonstrate the indiscriminate and dangerous nature of the illegal trade. The effort made to pass these products off as well-known brands highlights the dangers to the public presented by the illegal market. The sophistication needed to produce a wide range of packaging that mirrors established brands raises concerns about the ongoing role of organized crime in the illegal market in this province. NLC’s enforcement team has a number of ongoing investigations underway, and we will continue to focus on disrupting and shrinking the illicit market and protecting public safety. We wish to thank our partners at Canada Post, the RCMP and the RNC for their assistance in these efforts.”
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