Regulatory Compliance

All licensees are responsible for knowing and following the rules set out in the Liquor Control Act, Liquor Licensing Regulations, the Smoke-free Environment Act and the specific terms and conditions of their license. NLC's Regulatory Services department is responsible for taking enforcement action if a licensee does not comply with the law.


Liquor Control Inspectors conduct regular inspections of all licensed premises to ensure they comply with the Acts and Regulations. These inspections may be done without notice to the license holder. Liquor Control Inspectors may also do other unannounced inspections from time to time to monitor compliance or to follow-up on a complaint or report of questionable activity.


If a Liquor Control Inspector determines a licensee has failed to comply with the Liquor Control Act, Liquor Licensing Regulations and/or the Smoke-free Environment Act, the inspector will issue an unsatisfactory Inspection Report. The Inspection Report will explain the violations identified by the Liquor Control Inspector.

Non-Compliance Consequences

Consequences on non-compliance include:

  • Letter of reprimand
  • Suspension of license (s)
  • Cancellation of license (s)